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Actionable insights with a global perspective

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Commercial Diligence

Analysis and insights to help you holistically assess the risks and opportunities of a company

Commercial Opportunity Assessment

Evaluation of the technology opportunity in the market through a comprehensive review of the market opportunity, competitive landscape, business plan assessment, strategic positioning and recommendations.

Corporate Strategy & Growth Planning

Comprehensive review of the company’s foundations, team, core strengths and capabilities to identify, prioritize and recommend corporate strategic direction in the market for optimal growth.

Exit Strategy Pathways

Tailored insights into exit strategy options for a technology or company.

Management Consulting

Providing a range of services to assist businesses to improve their performance, achieve growth or expand into new markets

Business  Analysis

Comprehensive evaluation of the foundations of the company, team, technology opportunity in the marketplace, SWOT analysis, competitive landscape, risk analysis and business plan to deliver specific recommendations.

Corporate Strategy Planning

A full business analysis plus further review of the company and team’s strengths and asset capabilities, market position, and growth opportunities to collaboratively plan a corporate strategy that aligns with the needs and vision of the company.

Commercial Strategy & Go-To-Market Model Development

Strategic guidance for market expansion opportunities, strategies and execution frameworks.  Tailored Go-To-Market model planning and recommendations based on each product and company opportunity.

Commercial Execution

Operational support in executing commercial strategies surrounding business market expansions, Go-To-Market launch planning, team builds and negotiations with multi-nationals.


Guiding Start-ups by assuming Executive in Residence or Fractional Leadership positions at the C-Suite level

Executive in Residence (Executive Director)

Assume a role within the company as an Executive Director to formulate strategies and drive commercial and operational success with the CEO and leadership team.  The Executive role supports any gaps and accelerates any opportunities within the company as a contributing member of the team.  

Change Management

Assume an operational Executive role within the company to align the team and bridge any gaps towards the next phase of the company’s strategy and needs.

CEO Coaching 

Executive coaching and guidance for the CEO during phases of company expansions.

Investor Readiness & Capital Raising

Assessment and refinement of investor materials to optimize investor readiness of a company.  Support in capital raising strategies, outreach and closing capital raising rounds.

Executive Meetings

Support high-value industry investor or executive meetings and negotiations during the process of investments, partnerships and/or acquisition.

Advisory & Board Roles

Longer-term support at a more strategic level guiding companies in commercial strategy and governance.

Operating Partner Or General Partner

Collaborating with Funds as an Operating Partner or General Partner, we provide deep industry experiences together with significant deal flow opportunities across global networks 

Deep Industry Knowledge

Significant industry experiences across a variety of technologies and clinical segments resulting in a holistic understanding of what is needed to be successful.

Global Experiences

Breadth of global experiences allowing for curated insights into each market or region’s dynamics.


Partnerships and recognition in a variety of global markets offers efficient access to quality technologies. 

MedTech Understanding

Understanding of the regulated pathways and technology timelines for MedTech to get to market, both hardware and software offerings, thereby removing the uncertainty for the Fund. 

Operational Experiences

Strong leadership experiences within corporate roles and start-up companies allow for both strategy and execution support.

Thought Leadership

Recognized in various global markets for MedTech leadership at both the macro and granular levels, as well as connecting ecosystem stakeholders, which allows for a broader and more holistic view on opportunities.